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  • Oh! Heehee! Nothing to be sorry about. I just wanted people like Zog to stop posting nonsense with no proof. That'll get people confused.
    Nope, everything's fine. I just... "got bored" of writing it down. I didn't have much time to sit down and write it, nor did I have much motivation to do it. So, I dropped it.
    You're probably right on the Aloe matter. But still, I think I'll only get convinced once the official site updates or the roms come out. I'm just too flabbergasted with their "dumb" typings.
    I... don't know. My real problem is with the Corocoro scan, specifically the starters' info. I know everybody loves saying "Troll Freak lololo", but it doesn't seem like trolling, or being illogical. It just seems... senseless. This whole Fire/Fighting repetition, lack of typing for the other two, all the work they say they have had to make the starters "unique", the fact that they had the balls to suggest using Chaobu against Aloe (it's as if we are NOT going to find any other Fighting-type in the game until the second gym, wtf)... It just screams "you fail at game design" and yet, they have what must be the most diverse Pokédex roster ever done.

    (part 2 below)
    (part 2)

    I want to believe that Corocoro is real, the starters along with it. I really want to. But I just CAN'T accept those typings are true, as they really "do not make sense", not merely as elements of a Pokémon game which usually are kinda illogical, but as main parts of a game's design. It would be like, huh, say, Sega saying Sonic 4 will be the true sequel to the old 2D Sonics and will be true to its roots and then changing the halos for Mario-like coins. And putting a werewolf Sonic somewhere.
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